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Concentrate on Your Core Business Functions. Leave your HR Support Functions to us. ScopeHR Offers tailored HR Solutions to enable your organisation to become an Industry Leader. Check out our HR Solutions Offered to our Clients.

Our Services
Competency Mapping
Organisation Development

Design and implement cost effective, fit-for-purpose and end-user-friendly competence management systems. Have a Competitive Workforce for your Business Needs.

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Performance Management
Organisation Development

Setup a performance that plan allows you to determine high and low performing employees. Top performers need to be clearly identified, developed and retained.

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Employee Engagement
Organisation Development

Organisations need to measure employee engagement strategically. Engaged employees are motivated to go above & beyond, committed to stay with the organization

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Attrition Management
Organisation Development

High attrition increases cost, time and decreased quality & profits. We identify the reason as to your attritions issues and suggest the best course of action.

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Learning & Developement

The work culture that is maintained in an organization has a direct effect on the productivity and engagement of employees. If the workplace has negative people, a culture of gossip and blaming, employees can never unleash their full potential and succeed.

Training for executives should, of course, focus on the needs of your specific organization. You can poll your workforce to discover the distinct performance or engagement issues they’re facing.


Behavioural Training

Behavioural skills training helps manage optimal human behavior for better work performance builing corporate culture.

Executive Training

Unlock the potential for Excellence in Your Team. Change the Hard Worker to Smart Worker and Increase their Productivity.

Essential Skills Training

Workplace essential skills training supports people in the workplace to learn new skills and adapt to workplace change.

Leadership Training

Leaders are the Assests for the Organisations. Dont Recruit Leaders, Create your leaders withing your organisations.

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Our HR Solutions offers complete HR Recruitment solutions to solve the challenges faced by the company's in their Hiring Process. Outsource your recruitment process to ScopeHR and We will handle your HR Recruitment Process there by support your development & growth strategy.


Our Services for Job Seekers

We understand the importance of jobs and careers for individuals and its importance for the society, nation, for the larger economy and well-being of this world. It is our continuous endeavor to help job seekers find suitable jobs and make advancement in their career.

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Defined Approach

We follow a Unified 3S Service Delivery Model. To Service Our Clients with Utmost Quality, Speed and Delivering Industry Standard Workforce Solutions that will support your Organization’s Growth.



Analyzing Requirements & Develop an Effective Recruiting Strategy and Sourcing Techniques.



Candidate Assessment - Determine the right candidate through AI.



Delivering the Qualitative Candidature according to Client Requirments & Fitments.



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